Deadline extended The deadline for submitting articles, drawings, photos, etc, for our 2017 ‘children’s voices’ edition of Enabling Education Review has been extended to 31 July, so you still have plenty of time to send us something! (30/05/2017)

Exciting news about the website Here is the news you have all been waiting for: in 2017 EENET will get a modern new website. It will take us a few months, but we will keep you updated about progress. (22/05/2017)

Call for articles – poster version This year we want children and young people to write, draw and photograph the content for Enabling Education Review. Here is a poster you can display in your school to tell them about it. The deadline for sending us things will be extended – so don’t worry about that! (22/05/2017)

EER6 call for articles This year’s edition of Enabling Education Review will be filled with articles, drawings, photos etc from children and young people. Read our call for articles to find out more. (16/05/2017)

SDG posters IDDC’s posters about the SDGs and inclusive education are now available to download in Arabic, English and Swahili (16/05/2017)

Deadline extended In 2017 we are producing an online-only edition of Enabling Education Review which will focus on street-connected children. The deadline for submissions is 28 April 2017. Read the call for articles for more details.

Costing Equity UK Launch On Wednesday 22 March IDDC launched its full report on financing disability-inclusive education. (24/03/2017)

Old news Woops, we had a slight problem with our news archive section and have lost some entries from the last year. Apologies for any inconvenience. (27/02/2017)

Enabling Education Review – issue 5 is now available online in HTML and PDF. It includes articles from Afghanistan, Egypt, France, Haiti, Kenya Palestine, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Somaliland, South Sudan, Syria, and the UK. (24/02/2017)

Research on education transition Bridge of Hope’s new research report on Education transition for children with disabilities in Armenia is now available to download in PDF format. (22/10/2015)

New SDG summary International Disability and Development Consortium and International Disability Alliance have produced an easy-read summary of the Sustainable Development Goals . (24/09/2015)

New petition needs signatures IDDC and A World at School have started a petition on inclusive education to be presented to World Leaders at the UN General Assembly in New York in less than a month. Please sign and share! (01/09/2015)

REMINDER: call for articles EER4 There’s still time to submit your first draft ideas for articles for the next edition of Enabling Education Review. Read the full call for articles (also available in French). (17/06/2015)

Effective consultancies Our new 2-page guide on working effectively with consultants is now available to download in PDF format. It contains 10 helpful hints for organisations that hire consultants. (23/04/2015)

Inclusive education advocacy We have published a special edition of Enabling Education Review featuring advocacy case studies from Afghanistan, Armenia, Europe, Indonesia, Palestine and Tajikistan. Please contact us to request printed copies. (14/04/2015)

“Inclusive education video catalogue: Using videos effectively” This short facilitator’s guide has been created to accompany the online video catalogue. (26/03/2015)

Video catalogue We now have a catalogue of videos (from various organisations) on a range of inclusive education issues. Search by theme or region. Contact us to suggest other videos to add. (02/02/2015)

More job vacancies added There are now 4 consultancy vacancies for various organisations advertised on our Jobs page, for work in DPR Korea, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. They all have application deadlines in January 2015. (22/12/2014)

EER3 now published Enabling Education Issue 3 (2014) – EENET’s annual publication – is now available in HTML and PDF formats. The theme this year is ‘Inclusive education: beyond schools’. Featured countries include: Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Malawi, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, UK (22/12/2014)

Save the Children position paper Save the Children Stands for Inclusive Education – the organisation’s new position paper – is now available to download through our website. File size 347kb (16/12/2014)

New UNESCO education rights database The Right to Education Global Database is designed to be a practical tool for monitoring, research and advocacy. It contains over 1,000 official documents, including constitutions, legislations and policies on education from countries globally (30/10/14).

UNICEF gap analysis “Meeting the educational needs of children with disabilities in South Asia: A gap analysis covering Bhutan and the Maldives” is now available on our site. File size 1mb. (11/10/2014)

GCE evaluation report now available “Send ALL my friends to school: A GCE UK evaluation of the UK’s aid to education for children with disabilities” can now be downloaded from our site. File size 7mb. (17/07/2014)

Translations of “Teachers for All” IDDC’s policy booklet ‘Teachers for All: Inclusive teaching for children with disabilities’ is now available to download in French and in Spanish. (01/07/2014)

* DEADLINE EXTENDED * We have extended the deadline for submitting articles for ‘Enabling Education Review’ Issue 3 until 30 June 2014, so you still have time to share your inclusive education experiences! Find out more in the Call for Articles (05/06/2014)

EENET website survey Please help us to improve the EENET website by completing our short online survey. (06/05/2014)

Call for Articles for EER We are now looking for articles for this year’s edition of ‘Enabling Education Review’ on the theme of ‘Inclusive Education – Beyond Schools’. Please read and share the Call for Articles (24/04/2014)

EER2 now in French The French translation of ‘Enabling Education Review’ Issue 2 is now available to read in HTML format and in PDF format. (07/04/2014)

EENET’s blog Have you visited EENET’s blog yet? We’ve just started and aim to post something new every week. Please follow us and join in discussions! (28/03/2014)

New Kiswahili translation The IDDC leaflet ‘Every child needs a well-trained inclusive teacher’ is now available in Kiswahili in PDF format. (27/03/2014)

New French translation The French translation of IDDC’s poster ‘Quality inclusive education’ is now available to download in PDF format. Printed copies (A1 size) can also be requested by emailing: (27/03/2014)

New Spanish translation The Spanish translation of ‘Enabling Education Review’ Issue 2 is now available to read in HTML format and in PDF format. (27/03/2014)

Inclusive Education in Low-Income Countries The new publication by Lilian Mariga, Roy McConkey and Hellen Myezwa, published by Atlas Alliance and University of Cape Town, is now available to download. ‘Inclusive Education in Low-Income Countries. A Resource for Teacher Educators, Parent Trainers and Community Development Workers’ documents the authors’ experiences of developing and implementing inclusive education in locations such as Lesotho, Tanzania and Zanzibar. (26/02/2014)

Every child needs a well-trained, inclusive teacher We now have printed copies of this leaflet available. Please contact us if you’d like to order some. (20/02/2014)

Printed posters available The INEE poster ‘Teachers can help everyone learn’ is now available in A1 printed format from EENET. Please contact us to order copies. (20/02/2014)

Five strategies to help train, recruit and support teachers for inclusion This poster is a centre-page pull-out in Issue 2 of Enabling Education Review . (20/02/2014)

Enabling Education Review, Issue 2 This is now available to view online and download in PDF format. It focuses on ‘inclusive education and disability’, and includes articles from: Bulgaria, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Ghana, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Moldova, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Togo. (20/02/2014)

CBM job vacancy Regional Advisor on Inclusive Education (50%) for the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Deadline 26 August 2013. For more information visit the CBM website (20/08/2013)

New IDDC paper on teacher education Teachers for All: Inclusive Teaching for Children with Disabilities co-written by EENET and published by the International Disability & Development Consortium is now available to download in PDF format. Please contact us to request the Word version. (08/07/2013)

IE Adviser vacancy with HI Handicap International in London, UK, is looking for an Inclusive Education Technical Adviser. Application deadline 11 June. (05/06/2013)

Call for EENET newsletter articles We are looking for articles for our 2013 edition of ‘Enabling Education Review’. The theme will be inclusive education and disability. Read the full call for articles to find out more. Submission deadline: 12 August 2013. (05/06/2013)

New job vacancy with HI Handicap International in London, UK, is looking for an Inclusive Education Advocacy Officer on a part-time, fixed term basis. Application deadline 31 May. (16/05/2013)

“Every child needs a well-trained, inclusive teacher” This new leaflet is now available to download in PDF format from our website. (04/04/2013)

New leaflet on teacher education for inclusion EENET has helped IDDC develop a 3-fold leaflet on inclusion and disability that ties in with the 2013 Global Campaign for Education. View a jpeg image of “Every child needs a well-trained, inclusive teacher” on our Facebook page. A PDF version will be available to download from our website soon. Or email and we will send you the PDF. (25/03/2013)

Job vacancy – Pyongyang, DPRK Handicap International has advertised on our Jobs page for an Education consultant specialised in children with sensory impairment (deafness) to work for 3 months in Pyongyang, DPRK. (25/03/2013)

New document from Leonard Cheshire Disability Inclusive Education: An Introduction is a short, easy-to-read document on inclusive education, with a focus on including learners with disabilities, drawing on LCD’s experiences. (14/03/2013)

Job vacancy – West Africa A new inclusive education project manager vacancy with Handicap International in Sierra Leone and Liberia has been advertised on our Jobs page. (25/02/2013)

Job vacancy, Tibet A new inclusive education technical support vacancy with Handicap International in Tibet has been advertised on our Jobs page. (14/02/2013)

Enabling Education Review, Issue 1 Our latest newsletter – a joint publication by EENET and EENET Asia – is now available online in html and pdf formats. (14/02/2013)

UNICEF global survey UNICEF is researching teacher training for the inclusion of children with disabilities. Please complete this survey to contribute your experiences. The online survey is available in English, French and Spanish. Deadline 30 September. (18/09/2012)

UNGEI drawing competition 2012 United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative has announced a drawing competition for children and young people aged 18 or less in the Asia and Pacific region. The theme is “What can a teacher do to ensure girls and boys benefit equally from quality education?” See link for full details. (17/09/2012)

EENET CIC Annual General Meeting 2012 Our first AGM for members will be on 3rd November 2012 in Manchester. For more details of the AGM, and to find out how to become an EENET CIC member, see the events page. (04/09/2012)

Job vacancy, Ethiopia Inclusive Education Technical Coordinator with Handicap International. See full job description for more details. Application deadline 28 August. (06/08/2012)

Articles on inclusion, ECD, literacy, child protection and girls’ education in Africa “Impact on Education” features Save the Children’s education work in Côte d’Ivoir, DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Somaliland, South Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, Zimbabwe. (24/07/2012)

New publication from Save the Children “Breaking the Cycle of Crisis: Learning from Save the Children’s delivery of education in conflict-affected fragile states” . This review focuses on Afghanistan, Angola, Nepal and South Sudan. (18/07/2012)

NEW: Bangladesh booklet Sightsavers’ Inclusive Education Work in Bangladesh offers a summary of some of the organisation’s recent initiatives focusing on inclusion for children with visual impairments. (27/06/2012)

IDDC poster update A high resolution version of the new poster ‘Quality inclusive education – to end exclusion’ has now been uploaded. (26/06/2012)

New poster from IDDC ‘Quality inclusive education – to end exclusion’ is now available to download. A high resolution version will also soon be available. (21/06/2012)

Online Magazines Two new online magazines are now available Inclusive Education South Africa and also CRPD (01/05/2012).

NEW: Inclusive Education in Emergencies Training This short training module has been written by EENET CIC for INEE . There is a Facilitator’s Guide and a set of PowerPoint slides. (23/03/2012)

Google Translate We have added a Google Translate button to this website. We hope that readers will find this a useful tool. Please remember, however, that online translators are not 100% accurate! (17/03/2012)

Photo and drawing competition UNESCO, UNICEF, ARNEC and ASPBAE are running this competition for the Asia-Pacific region. The theme is ‘What is a good early childhood?’, and is linked to the upcoming Global Action Week (22-28 April). For more information download the competition flyer. (08/03/2012)

New event advertised The following has just been added to the events page: 56th ICET World Assembly – University of Cape Coast, Ghana . (06/03/2012)

Why Language Matters for the Millennium Development Goals This colourful booklet advocates for language as key to inclusion and at the center of human activity, self-expression and identity. This publication recognizes the importance that people place on their own language in achieving the MDG Goals. It showcases how language fosters participation in development with lasting results. The booklet gathers good practice, success stories and lessons learned in promoting language as primary participatory tool for development. (28/02/2012)

International Mother Language Day! To mark the occasion, Save the Children has released a new animated video on language in teaching. It can be found on their language web page. The video is aimed at a completely non-expert audience, and aims to get across the key reasons why mother tongue based multilingual education is needed. (28/02/2012)

New events advertised The following have just been added to the events page: “Consultation Seminar on Child Marriage” and “The Future of Inclusive Education” conference. (15/02/2012)

Out from the Shadows Children with disabilities from around the world are suffering from sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and verbal sexual abuse. Save the Children and Handicap International have created a set of recommendations which are contained within this report . (14/02/12)

“Children Speak Out” posters from Armenia These 2 new posters are now available online. One features children’s views about teachers, the other shows their views on inclusive education. (24/01/2012)

New UNICEF Video The video deals with education in emergencies and post-crisis transition, entitled “Innovative programme brings pre-school education to the most vulnerable”. The video is available online . (10/01/12)

Job vacancy in Turkey A Team Leader is being recruited for the ‘Strengthening of Special Education’ project in Turkey, run by Tribal. Details are available on the jobs page. Please note the application deadline is 11 November 2011. (08/11/11)

EENET Asia Newsletter No.9 The newsletter is available in Bahasa Indonesia and English in both html and PDF formats. These and previous EENET Asia newsletters are available from EENET. (25/10/2011).

WASH and Inclusive Education by Ingrid Lewis A Portuguese translation of WASH and Inclusive Education is now available to download from our site in PDF format (2333kb) (25/10/2011).

WASH Articles Available Now! Following the interest in the WASH section (water, sanitation and hygiene) of Enabling Education 14, we are now adding more WASH articles to our website. (18/10/2011).

Don’t miss out! There are still a few spaces left at our “Exploring Inclusive Education” workshop in Indonesia 12-16 September 2011. Contact for booking and payment information. The booking/payment deadline is 1st August, but we will accept late bookings. See Events page for details. (28/07/2011)

Exciting new poster! Teachers can help everyone learn is a brand new poster from INEE which accompanies its Pocket Guide series. A1 size printed versions of the poster will soon be available from EENET or INEE (email: (07/01/2011)

Supporting learners with disabilities The latest INEE booklet Pocket Guide to Supporting Learners with Disabilities, is now available to download from our site. The guide will help anyone working with teachers in a crisis context to offer practical advice for welcoming learners with disabilities. Hard copies are also available from EENET. (07/01/2011)

EENET Newsletter 14 in English with a special focus on water sanitation and hygiene in schools is online in html and pdf. (17/12/2010)

Digital stories on inclusion are available online on YouTube. These ‘digital stories’ were created by parents of children with disabilities and by young people with disabilities across Africa. They highlight their triumphs, challenges and aspirations – in the context of family life, education and the wider society.(17/12/2010)

Inclusive Education Keylist Source’s revised inclusive education key list, which offers suggestions for essential reading materials, is now available online. (17/12/2010)

Pocket guide to gender INEE’s new pocket guide to gender is now ready for download. (17/12/2010)

EENET Workshop, Kenya “Exploring Inclusive Education”, 25-28 October, Mombasa. Bookings are now being taken for this exciting event. See Events page for more details of the workshop content and costs. Book early to avoid disappointment! (03/08/2010)

Newsletter 13 – Portuguese translation The Portuguese version of EENET’s newsletter no.13 (2009) is available to download in PDF format (948kb). (21/07/3010)

Volunteer vacancy – inclusive education documentation Society For All Round Development (SARD), based in Delhi, India, is looking for a vounteer to help with documenting and information work. For more details see Jobs page. (01/07/2010)

Gender and education in emergencies – new guide INEE’s latest addition to their pocket guide series – Gender Equality in and through Education – is now available online. (28/06/2010)

Poster in Armenian You can now download the Schools for All poster in Armenian from this website. Other translations are also available online. (21/05/2010)

Reduced service EENET’s Co-ordinator will be working in Armenia 24 April – 6 May. The EENET office will therefore be closed during this period, but a limited response service will be available via email: Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. (19/04/2010)

Portuguese book translation Inclusive Education: Where there are few resources Portuguese version is now available on the Rede Inclusão website (26/03/2010)

Holiday closure Due to staff holidays the EENET office will be closed 27 March to 5 April. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. (26/03/2010)

Arabic poster now available You can now download the Schools for All poster in Arabic from this website. Other translations are also available online. (25/03/2010)

We need more articles for our 2010 newsletter. The theme is ‘Water, Sanitation and Inclusive Education’, but we also want articles on other inclusive education issues. The deadline for first drafts is 31 March, but if you need an extension, email (22/03/2010)

New Spanish translation The Spanish version of INEE’s pocket guide to IE in emergencies is now available to download from this website. (22/03/2010)

4 newsletters available in audio format “Enabling Education” issues 9, 10, 11, and 12, (2005-2008) are now available to listen to in MP3 format. Please send any feedback to: (15/03/2010)

New language and inclusion book Language and Education: The missing link is a thought-provoking new document available from the CfBT Education Trust website. EENET has a limited number of printed copies to distribute. (11/03/2010)

More audio files online All articles from EENET’s newsletter issue 10 (2006) are now available online in MP3 format. (02/03/2010)

New French translation The French version of INEE’s pocket guide to IE in emergencies is now available on this website. (24/02/2010)

What’s your top 5! What are your 5 favourite pages, documents or videos on EENET’s website, and why do you like them? Tell us and we may publish your list in the ‘Top 5’ box on the homepage! Email your Top 5 to (18/02/2010)

Education vacancies, Burundi and Ethiopia Two new vacancies with Handicap International and Save the Children have been advertised on our Jobs page. (19/02/2010) (deadlines have now passed)

Tell us what you think Don’t forget that if you are a Facebook user you can use EENET’s page on Facebook to give us feedback, share ideas, and catch up on the latest news. (18/02/2010)

Newsletter 9 in MP3 Articles from EENET’s newsletter 9 (2005) are now available to listen to as MP3 audio files. Audio files for newsletters 10-12 will be uploaded soon. (18/01/2010)

EENET’s consultancy business If you would like more information about EENET CIC, our new education consultancy business, please email: More details about EENET CIC will be uploaded to this site soon. (18/01/2010)

Christmas holiday! Due to staff holidays, EENET will be closed from 24 December until 4 January. (16/12/09)

Audio cassettes – stock clearance! Can anyone make use of audio cassette versions of the book “Schools for All” and EENET newsletters 6-8? If you would like copies or could distribute them to other people who can use them, please email We need to clear our stocks to make space for new Braille and audio CD materials! (09/12/09)

2 job vacancies with IDDC The International Disability and Development Consortium has vacancies for an Admin Assistant and a Communications Officer. Deadline 27 December. For more information visit the IDDC website (09/12/09)

New job vacancy Handicap International is looking for an Inclusive Education Adviser in Cambodia. See Jobs page (22/11/09)Application deadline has now expired

Audio CDs of EENET newsletters EENET’s newsletter – Enabling Education – issues 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 (2005-2009) are now available on audio CD. Email to request copies. (16/11/09)

East Africa articles needed EENET Eastern Africa is looking for articles for its first regional newsletter. If you would like to write an article about inclusive, child-friendly education in the region, please email (11/11/09)

Phone problems We are experiencing ongoing problems with the office phone line. If you need to call EENET, please use our mobile number: +44 (0)7929 326 564. Or you can email Apologies for any inconvenience. (02/11/09) Problems resolved (19/11/09)

Can’t find what you are looking for? If there are any documents that you have previously used but can’t now find on our new website, please email Tell us the title of the document or the old URL and we will help you to find the document within the new site. (26/10/09)

Call for articles for EENET’s 2010 newsletter. Theme: Water, Sanitation and Inclusive Education. The accessibility and condition of toilet facilities and water supplies affect school attendance and participation. Read the Call for Articles for more details. Submission deadline: 31 March 2010. (25/09/09)

Competition! Open to children and young people only! We are looking for the best drawings, photos, written articles, posters, etc, on the theme of water, sanitation and inclusive education. Prizes will be awarded. See the competition page for more details. (25/09/09)

Portuguese translation of newsletter The Portuguese version of EENET’s newsletter no.12 (2008) is available to download in PDF format.

Young Voices: Young people’s views of inclusive education This 14-minute film, shot in Tanzania and Uganda, is now available to watch online, via YouTube. The film is in two parts. Watch part 1. Watch part 2. A user’s guide with transcript is also available (pdf 50k). To request the film on DVD, please contact EENET.

Inclusive Education: Where there are few resources (2008) This very popular book has been fully revised and updated and is now available to download (pdf 1mb). Hard copies are available from EENET.

“Enabling Education” No. 12, 2008 EENET’s latest newsletter is available to download in PDF format (1.2mb). It contains a special section focusing on the issue of language and how it helps or hinders the educational inclusion of millions of children.

New Portuguese-language website and newsletter We are delighted to announce that Citizens of the World, an NGO based in Portugal, has launched Rede Inclusão – an EENET-inspired inclusive education website. It aims specifically to help education practitioners and stakeholders in Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Principé to document and share their experiences of inclusive education. The Rede Inclusão website address is: The network’s first newsletter can be found at: