Global inclusive education updates from EENET and other organisations.

Child Rights Resource Centre
Save the Children has improved and re-launched its extensive resource collection. It covers a wide range of child rights issues, including many documents on disability inclusion and on education. It’s available in English, French, Spanish, and Swedish.

Quick Guide: Towards Disability Inclusive Education (DCDD)
This new short guide from Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development looks at what inclusive education is and what immediate steps you can take to make your education programmes more inclusive. It has a selection of practical tools and background information.

Training update from Uganda
Check out the latest update about the inclusive education teacher training project in Uganda that EENET is working on in partnership with Norwegian Association of Disabled, NUDIPU, Save the Children and Stromme Foundation.

New items in EENET’s online library #4 (2021)
The following documents have been added to EENET’s online library in the last month: Community Help for Inclusive Learning and Development (CHILD): A Study of How Mobile Phones Were Used to Recruit and Equip Community Volunteers to Support Children’s Learning During Covid-19 School Closures in Zimbabwe. (EdTech Hub, 2021) Gender Norms, Child Marriage and Girls’ … Continue reading New items in EENET’s online library #4 (2021)

UNESCO paper on violence and bullying of learners with disabilities
Violence and bullying in educational settings: the experience of children and young people with disabilities. Learners with disabilities are disproportionately affected by school violence and bullying at all ages and in all learning settings. This has significant adverse impacts on their education, health and well-being. This technical brief from UNESCO aims to raise awareness of … Continue reading UNESCO paper on violence and bullying of learners with disabilities

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