All our information sharing, networking and consultancy work is guided by our Theory of Change.

Everything we do contributes to our overall desired change:

  • more girls, boys, women and men actively participate in quality, inclusive education and learning opportunities throughout their lives.

This is, of course, a huge desired change. We aim to contribute towards it, not achieve it by ourselves. We have chosen three domains through which to focus our contributions to this global change. These domains reflect areas that we feel are important and where we have the skills, experience and mandate to work.

EENET's Theory of Change


Download EENET’s leaflet in PDF format which contains our theory of change diagram.

We focus on promoting collaboration because inclusive education cannot be achieved if individuals and organisations work in isolation. Inclusion challenges that seem overwhelming, can become much more achievable if we work with others who have additional, complimentary skills, experiences and resources.

We help people to document and exchange their experiences of developing more inclusive education systems and schools, because learning from each other’s experiences is one of the best ways to improve our own work.

We support people to be more effective at influencing policy and practice change in education. Not every organisation or individual can be involved directly in education projects, but we can all play a role in advocating for inclusion.

We contribute to these desired changes through our core activities:

A detailed audio-narrated PowerPoint is available which explains our Theory of Change in full. Please contact us to request a copy.