[UK Online community] Enjoy some free resources on World Braille Day – 4th January 2023.

Why do we celebrate World Braille Day?

World Braille Day is a chance to raise awareness of the issues impacting those who are visually impaired.

Braille is a tactile way of writing that’s used by people who have sight impairments. It’s a special code made from six raised dots on a grid. There are 63 different combinations of these dots, which means braille can be translated into different languages. Those who are visually impaired can read these dots using their fingertips to feel the patterns.

World Braille Day is all about inclusion and diversity. It’s important that children are aware of other’s differences, and gain an awareness of varying needs and requirements. By celebrating World Braille Day, it helps children to think about important questions relating to additional needs, and expands their knowledge of others in our society.

It can be difficult for children to empathise with those who are different. However, by introducing simple activities that show them first-hand what it’s like to live without sight, we can develop their ability to support others.

Check out some free Braille resources.

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