[Case study] Advocating for girls education in Benin

Meet Habibatou, future nurse.

A young mother aged 18, Habibatou lives in the Alibori district and attended the Gonarou school in the Gogounou commune. While school was out in 2020, Habibatou became pregnant and did not return to school when classes resumed.

“When school resumed after the COVID-19 lockdown, many of our students did not come back, mostly girls. We recorded eight cases of pregnancy and felt powerless”, explained Aminatou Bake, Director of the Wara school in Alibori’s Gogounou commune.

Habibatou Dia could have been one of them. However through engaging in sensitization efforts in her community and with the support of her father and teachers, Habibatou completed her year and received her certificate, following the end-of-year exams.

“I was able to take up great challenges like returning to school after giving birth, getting my certificate and pursuing my studies”, said Habibatou.

“Now I dream of becoming a nurse.”

Read more about Habibatou and her story on the UNESCO website.

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