[Blogs] Climate crisis and education

The climate crisis is already affecting children’s education. We highlight two recent blogs on this issue.

UNICEF’s Ingrid Sanchez Tapia wrote, “On Earth Day, UNICEF urges governments to empower every child with learning opportunities to be a champion for the planet.” The blog presents the outcomes of a rapid survey of UNICEF offices in 94 low- and middle-income countries. It shows inconsistent progress in mainstreaming climate education. “It is alarming to note that 40 of the surveyed countries are assessed as having high or extremely high risk of children’s exposure and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, yet only a third of these countries reported concrete government action to advance greening education.”

Read: Children and youth call for access to quality climate education.

Save the Children posted news about school closures in Bangladesh: “Extreme heat has forced the closure of all schools in Bangladesh this week, impacting 33 million children, as temperatures soared to 42°C (108 F), 16 degrees more than the annual average”

Read: Bangladesh: Extreme heat closes all schools and forces 33 million children out of classrooms.

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