New website from Norwegian Association of Disabled

NAD has launched a new website. It shares NAD’s work on inclusive education, human rights advocacy, economic empowerment, and disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction in Malawi, Palestine, Uganda, Zambia, and Zanzibar. You can also download training manuals on inclusive education, community based inclusive development training, and inclusive economic empowerment.

4 thoughts on “New website from Norwegian Association of Disabled

    1. Hi. This page is just a news announcement about NAD’s website. You would need to contact NAD directly because they may not see this page.

  1. Hope all is well, my name is Daphine Uwizera, ugnadan my nationality.
    I have experience working with persons living with different disability categories which was gained when working with Nationa Union of Women Living with disability (NUWODU), ADD International Uganda program and Restoration and Hope for Refugees (REHORE).
    I aim at accopmlishing tasks on time and effeciently complete them and work with collegues with common understanding.
    If there is any chance of working with NAD to deliver more services to societies of persons living with disability.

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