* They’re here! * Inclusive education teacher training modules now online

The inclusive education teacher training modules, developed by EENET and NAD in collaboration with trainers and teachers in Zambia, are now available to download from our website.

The modules are available under creative commons license. This means you are welcome to use the modules, and adapt them to your own needs and context.

The Zambia version has been approved by the Ministry of Education for use nationally. You can read more about the teacher training approach and how the modules were developed on our website. Contact us if you have any queries.

There are 11 modules available:

  1. Introduction to inclusive education;
  2. School inclusion teams;
  3. Identifying out-of-school children;
  4. Screening and identification of learning needs;
  5. Creating individual education plans;
  6. Exploring the role of a school inclusive education co-ordinator;
  7. Promoting active learning in the classroom;
  8. Developing learner participation;
  9. Including learners in transition;
  10. Including learners who have intellectual and/or development impairments;
  11. Making teaching and learning aids from locally available resources.


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