[Resource] SuperBetter children for health launch

SuperBetter Children for Health is a curriculum for young adolescents that can be integrated into a school’s curriculum or taught as an extracurricular activity. The curriculum has been co-created by Children for Health and Kelvin Nsekwila, a teacher and the founder of the Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation (TIIF) in Zambia. TIIF provides educational services for the most vulnerable and marginalised children in the district.

The content and activities have all been tested and revised with the children of the SuperBetter Children’s Club, Sansamwenje, Isoka District, Zambia.

The sessions set out in the toolkit are designed to be implemented over the course of one year. It has three levels and each one has several sessions. Each level could be implemented during term as part of the school programme or as an after-school club.

Check out the website to find out more. 

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