National Teacher CPD Framework, Rwanda

The National Teacher CPD Framework, published by the Rwanda Education Board, aims to improve teacher continuous professional development (CPD), specifically the impact that teacher CPD has on teaching and learning.

The guide is aimed at people who work to improve teaching and learning in Rwandan schools and the wider education system. It looks at teacher competences and the aspects of teachers’ classroom practice and behaviour at school that have the biggest impact on student learning. It describes what these practices look like in practice and at different stages of a teachers’ professional development. The document also describes the current teacher CPD system and illustrates how the teacher competences can be used to improve the impact of teacher CPD and educational management by different stakeholders. Further the document informs stakeholders how the teacher competences can be used to increase the impact of appraisal and promotion on teachers’ performance in the classroom and at school and therefore on student learning.

The resource was developed with technical input from EENET. Although written for the specific Rwandan context, it will be of interest to anyone working on improving teacher CPD in general and those working to improve inclusive practice among teachers.

Download The National Teacher CPD Framework (Rwanda) in PDF format.

One thought on “National Teacher CPD Framework, Rwanda

  1. I would like to appreciate MINEDUC-REB and other supporting partners for this CPD project. The teachers are training, teaching, one an other with support from SBMs and get teaching professional skills to improve the way they usually teach, for better performance of Rwandan students.

    however SBMS should be trained and retrained to be able to help the teachers improve their professionalism.

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