FREE Open Access book: education in low-income countries

An Open Access book, entitled Learning, Marginalization, and Improving the Quality of Education in Low-income Countries by Daniel A. Wagner, Nathan M. Castillo and Suzanne Grant Lewis (eds). is now freely available to download in PDF and HTML formats 

Improving learning evidence and outcomes for those most in need in developing countries is at the heart of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal on Education (SDG4). This timely volume brings together contributions on current empirical research and analysis of emerging trends that focus on improving the quality of education through better policy and practice, particularly for those who need improved ‘learning at the bottom of the pyramid’ (LBOP).  National and global experts present multiple broad thematic papers and outline how achieving SDG4 will take renewed and persistent effort by stakeholders to use better measurement tools to promote learning achievement among poor and marginalized children.

This volume builds on the second international conference on Learning at the Bottom of the Pyramid (LBOP2).  The first volume Learning at the Bottom of the Pyramid (LBOP1), may also be obtained for free in PDF and HTML formats.

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