‘We Ring the Bell’ 2018 campaign launch

Today (21 March) is the launch of this year’s ‘We Ring the Bell’ campaign run by Liliane Foundation, a Dutch-based disability organisation that works with partners around the world.

We Ring The Bell campaign logo worsd with a handbell image)

The campaign starts today with schools around the world making a noise (e.g. ringing bells) for one minute, to draw attention to the millions of children globally whose right to education is being violated. 

The campaign will continue during the year, and Liliane Foundation invites you to sign their manifesto calling for all children to be welcome in school.

The manifesto highlights that 9 out of 10 children with disabilities are not welcome in their local schools. It presents 10 urgent actions that everyone – from parents and teachers through to government policy makers – can help to implement.

You can download and read the manifesto in PDF format.