[Report] UNESCO ‘Inclusion in Education’ evaluation report published

UNESCO has released an Inclusion in Education evaluation report.  A two-page summary is also available in English and in French, highlighting the key messages of the evaluation. 

The evaluation aimed to identify what has been achieved so far, whether UNESCO is on the right track as a standard-setting organization towards achieving the 2030 inclusion agenda, and reconfirm the Organization’s comparative strengths and optimal positioning in this area of work. It provides programmatic and strategic level recommendations to feed into the formulation of future strategic directions for the Organization’s work on inclusion in education and inform the way forward.

The evaluation builds on the momentum of increased policy attention to inclusion, and addresses inclusion-related challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and concludes that the UNESCO Education Sector shall further improve the visibility and use of data on vulnerable and marginalised learners and strengthen the focus on inclusion consistently across all thematic strands in education.



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