[Resource]: The Atlas Alliance Foundation has a brand new website

The Atlas Alliance Foundation is an umbrella organisation for persons with disabilities that works to promote the rights and improve living conditions of people with disabilities in the global South.  They have now launched their brand new website.

In 2019, Norad, the Norwegian Agency for Development and Cooperation within the Norwegian government, announced new funding for measures aimed at people with disabilities, with emphasis on cooperation between DPOs and NGOs. A large group of Norwegian organisations then decided to apply together as a consortium (Together for Inclusion – TOFI) with the Atlas Alliance as the leader, to really show that organisations of people with disabilities must sit in the driver’s seat and lead the work, as always under the movement’s slogan “Nothing about us without us”.

EENET has been working alongside Atlas Alliance and NAD providing technical support for its TOFI programming in inclusive education since the start of the initiative.  Read more information on the Inclusive Education Teacher Training programme in Uganda the DPO capacity building programme in Uganda.

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