Shifting Power in Educational Aid: Knowledge, violence and justice

Dates: 1-5 December 2021.

Read full details on CEDE! website.

The Collective on Education, Decoloniality and Emergencies (CEDE!) will hold its first digital conference on Education in Emergencies (EiE) to explore the historic and ongoing forms of colonialism and imperialism that shape EiE policy, practice, and research today.

The organisers are inviting contributions from individuals and communities with varied experiences, including educators, students, artists, activists, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners. The priority is to gather together and learn with peoples marginalised by the aid system, including those of varying ages, genders, political commitments, neurodiversities, and physical capacities, as well as of different educational, class, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

There is a form for potential participants to fill in.

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