[Report] New translations from the JEiE Special Issue on education in pandemics

Check out the new translated articles below:

In Arabic:

نموذج صندوق الرمل: منهج جديد نحو التكرار أثناء تنفيذ برنامج للتعليم في حالات الطوارئ في لبنان أثناء جائحة كوفيد-

The Sandbox Model: A Novel Approach to Iterating while Implementing an Emergency Education Program in Lebanon during the COVID-19 Pandemic

and in Spanish@:

Mejorar la salud socioemocional: Ampliación del bienestar de docentes y estudiantes durante la crisis del COVID-19 en Honduras

Improving Social-Emotional Health: Expansion of Teacher and Student Wellbeing during the COVID-19 Crisis in Honduras.


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