[Report] Links between teacher motivation, metacognition and stress.

STiR has recently completed a research study with Microsoft Research India. This study aimed to understand the applicability and experiences of lifelong learning, as understood through teacher metacognitive capacities, motivation, the ability of teachers to mitigate prevailing Covid-19-related challenges, and teachers’ beliefs and outlook for their futures.

The study is one of the largest surveys ever conducted on teacher motivation and metacognition with a participation of 5,110 teachers from Delhi and 4,729 teachers from Karnataka. The study lasted eight months from October 2021 to May 2022.

The highlights of this study are given below:

  1. Survey results as well as in-depth interviews with teachers in Delhi indicate that all teachers perceive themselves as motivated and fundamentally adaptive (metacognitive) teachers.
  2. All teachers associate themselves with being lifelong learners.
  3. All teachers have pointed out the importance of two factors in their professional development, motivation and learning.
  4. Results suggests no overlap between teachers’ feelings of burnout and their ability to think or act metacognitively. 

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