[EENET news] Teacher training in Ethiopia

Aubrey Moono and Jesca Ayapo Emaru, two of EENET’s consultants from Zambia and Uganda, recently facilitated several workshops in Ethiopia for the Inclusive Teaching Component of the Together for Inclusion programme.

This was the fourth round of training for teacher trainers (Principal Trainers) and focused on “Promoting Active Learning”. This training module from the series of seven, covers inclusive teaching strategies that promote active learning and are effective in a range of settings, including under-resourced schools with large class enrolments.

During the March 2024 workshops, the consultants first coached six Ethiopian co-facilitators, then trained 11 observers (who monitor the schools where teachers are being trained). The consultants then supported the co-facilitators to train 32 Principal Trainers. During the latter workshop, participants also shared how far their allocated schools had progressed and exchanged experiences. In the coming week, the Principal Trainers will train teachers in their allocated schools and support them to conduct more action research to investigate and act on inclusion challenges.

The training builds on a process originally started in Zambia and Zanzibar. Read more about the background to this teacher training approach.

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