[Podcast] Who cares? The global crisis in early years care

Sarah Brown, Justin Van Fleet, Peter Laugharn, and Sabrina Habib weigh in on the global crisis in early years care and outline what philanthropy and governments can – and should be – doing to fix it.

 “We know that across the world, less than 10 percent of budgets in health education are invested in the youngest children, and we want that amount to be at least 10 percent and more, and we want a UN decade for action on early childhood care, education and development to start this year.”’ ~ ‘Justin van Fleet, Theirword President.

Other campaign asks from Theirworld include: investment in a fully-trained, qualified and funded early years workforce; publishing of annual data on government spending on early childhood development; more family-friendly polices such as income support programmes, parental leave and affordable childcare for working parents; and the creation of a more integrated approach to early years interventions across sectors and government.

Listen to the podcast.

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