*New article* on universal design for learning, India

Article title: Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom: A Way Forward? by Anupam Ahuja and Richa Shrivastava.

Download in PDF format (2.5mb).

Download in Word format (1.8mb).

This article has recently been uploaded to our document library. It introduces some exciting accessible learning materials from India’s National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The materials follow universal design principles and support children with and without disabilities to learn to read – together. The reading materials are multi-sensory, with the idea that every child in class can receive the same book and access the content through reading text, looking at pictures, reading Braille, feeling tactile images and other features that respond to individual learning styles and practical needs.

If you have developed or used similar multi-sensory materials as part of your work to make learning more inclusive and to help diverse learners learn together, we would love to hear your story, so please contact us.


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