Listening to young voices on inclusion – new website section

EENET’s main project in 2017/18 has focused on enabling more children and young people to share their experiences and ideas for how to improve education. We’ve just added the ‘listening to young voices’ project pages to the website, so pop over and have a look.

We paid particular attention to supporting children and young people to become ‘young researchers’ and ‘young facilitators’ who can work with their peers and younger children to help them express their experiences and ideas about education and inclusion. We also focused on helping very young children – pre-school, kindergarten and early primary – to be included in these activities, because such young children are often ignored in existing efforts to consult children.

Through this project we have:

female student (young researcher) surrounded by kindergarten children. Student is listening to what a child is sayingA young researcher listening to kindergarten children in Ukraine