[Strategy] ‘Every woman, every child’ (Global Strategy for Health 2016 – 2030)

First published in 2016 we now find ourselves 6 years into the ‘Survive, thrive and transform global strategy. The joint WHO and UNCIEF ‘Every woman, every child’: Global strategy for women’s, children’s and adolescent’s health (2016 – 2030) was launched to build on the new commitments and advocacy of the health-related Millennium Development Goals.

By helping to create an enabling environment for health, the Global Strategy aims to transform societies so that women, children and adolescents everywhere can realize their
rights to the highest attainable standards of health and well-being. This, in turn, will
deliver enormous social, demographic and economic benefits.

Download the report in English.

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Download the report in Arabic.

You an also download the 2022 Global Strategy progress report: ‘Protect the promise’ which provides an update on the ‘Every woman, every child’: Global Strategy for women’s, children’s and adolescent’s health (2016 – 2030).


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