Consultant on Inclusive Education in Emergencies

Location: remote, New York, USA.

Duration: 1 April 2024 – 30 June 2024.

Application deadline: 19 Mar 2024 Eastern Daylight Time.

UNICEF is looking for a consultant who will identify concrete operational challenges faced by practitioners to implement disability inclusive education in emergencies and:

  1. Organize and facilitate a webinar featuring relevant experts and practices from countries in response to one or more of the identified operational challenges and based on developed case studies of inclusive education in emergencies programmes.
  2. Organize and facilitate an interactive knowledge sharing event such as an online deep dive, virtual Q&A, virtual roundtable, etc. to facilitate sharing of experiences and knowledge across countries.
  3. Develop one or more roadmaps/decision tools in response to challenges to facilitate rapid access to appropriate resources and support mechanisms for stakeholders.

Read more details and apply. 

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