[Advocacy] #Shiftthepower ~ a round-up of articles and events on ‘decolonising aid’

EENET is part of the narrative of a decolonized system of development that is truly inclusive and responds to all needs.  Here is a round-up of some articles, blogs and reports that address the inequities in the aid system and ways of moving forward.

  • The New Humanitarian produced a decolonising aid reading and resource list
  • Africa No Filter launched an Ethical Storytelling: How to write about Africa course to provide tips and tools for communicators to undo the stereotypes that persist in many of the storytelling outputs of local and international NGOs, donors, and foundations.
  • Bond and Restless Development comment on how funders need to be more equitable and help to shift power directly to communities.
  • The Ringo Project is a systems change initiative that seeks to transform global civil society to respond to today’s challenges.
  • The Decolonising Aid report is part of a series collating literature, resources, and actions that have focused on efforts to create change in the aid sector. 

How could you and your organization contribute to the initiatives?

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