[Advocacy] Malala Fund Girls’ education report cards – track the progress of 120 countries

In 2015, world leaders enshrined their commitment to girls’ education in Sustainable Development Goal 4: Achieve universal quality education for all by 2030.  Yet high-level pledges have too rarely translated into good policies and strong investment. The result: millions of girls shut out of classrooms, dropping out early or left behind in learning.

Malala Fund’s report cards are for advocates who want to understand the world’s slow progress on girls’ education—and demand action to remedy it.

Examine the current status of girls’ education in 120 low and middle income countries using official government data (SDG scores) on progress and assessment of policy frameworks (policy scores) against ones proven to help girls complete school and realise their ambitions.

Track donor countries’ progress on their commitments and prioritisation of girls’ education within their Overseas Development Assistance (donor score).

Girls can’t wait any longer to see their dreams become reality.


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