[Advocacy] Join the #ImALifelongLearner campaign!

Show the world that you believe in the transformative power of learning. Join the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) campaign and tell everyone why you are a lifelong learner.

By supporting UIL’s campaign, you are endorsing the view that the #RightToEducation pertains to all ages. Support the paradigm shift in learning and education systems to ensure people of all ages, from all backgrounds, can access the knowledge they need to lead decent lives and promote sustainable development.

How to get involved:

  • Upload a photo of yourself on the campaign platform and add a sentence explaining why you are a lifelong learner;
  • Use the ‘share’ function on the platform to share your photo and statement on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, using the hashtag #ImALifelongLearner;
  • Tag people in your network who support lifelong learning for all so they, too, can join the movement.

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