[Advocacy] Children’s writing sends a powerful message to world leaders to #actforearlyyears

How do you get world leaders to sit up and take notice of the plight of very young children? One way is to give those children a voice and put them at the centre of a global campaign.

That’s what Theirworld has done with Act For Early Years – a major campaign to tackle a worldwide crisis by calling for urgent quality childcare and preschool learning for every child.

They knew that giving children under five the opportunity to have their say would be a powerful way of getting through to leaders and governments who are letting them down.

Theirworld worked with partners and the brand studio Saboteur to create a special font that uses children’s writing and features in our Act For Early Years report and campaigning. Children’s drawings and doodles also help to reinforce the message.

Take a look at how the font was created and why it’s having a big impact.



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