[Webinar] Building inclusive education systems for refugees

Date: 6 December 2023.

Time:  2pm UTC.

UNESCO, UNICEF, UNHCR, and INEE invite you to a webinar on building inclusive education systems for refugees.

As global displacement rises, there is an urgent need for inclusive education systems that also address the needs of these displaced learners. However, refugees are often overlooked in educational policies and remain unrepresented in data systems, limiting their access to quality education in their host countries.

The webinar will explore effective strategies for the inclusion of refugees in national education systems.

On the sidelines of the upcoming 2023 Global Refugee Forum, this webinar will also launch a joint inter-agency brief, two publications by UNESCO-UNHCR, and a forthcoming UNICEF publication on refugee inclusion that will build evidence and inform discussions on fostering greater inclusion for refugees in national education systems.

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