[Videos] OCED webinars on equity in ECE and AI in accessible learning

The following OECD webinar recordings are available to watch

Diversity + Quality = Equity? A complex equation for early childhood education and care

This webinar was on the intersection of diversity and quality in Early Childhood Education and Care. The webinar took place on 4 March: Watch to discover correlations between dimensions of diversity and ECEC quality, delve into what aspects of quality matter most for diverse backgrounds, and identify policy priorities for enhanced provision.

View the webinar recording on YouTube.


Decoding the hype: can AI help create accessible and inclusive student learning?

In this OECD webinar, educators, policy makers and technology developers explore the potential of AI in creating accessible and inclusive learning environments. They will discuss personalised learning, examining how AI can support tailored educational experiences that respect diversity in classrooms, and talk about the future impacts of AI in equity and inclusion in education.

View the webinar recording on YouTube.

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