[UK blog] UK government – Not even talking the talk?

CSIE have written a blog on the DfEs latest improvement plan.  They state how it is not unusual to read a document which appears committed to inclusion, and to wonder if its intention is to create inclusive change or just pay lip-service to it.

One year on from the publication of the Green Paper, the DfE has published the ‘SEND and Alternative Provision Improvement Plan’, outlining how it intends to move forward in light of the consultation responses received.

‘This latest offering from the Department for Education (DfE) is not talking the talk. First it speaks of a strong commitment to developing inclusive education, then it announces plans to strengthen alternative provision and prepare teachers to work in separate settings. This flies in the face of inclusion and goes against the spirit of the Equality Act and its commitment to disability equality’.

‘In our opinion, and we are certainly not alone in our thinking, more special schools and alternative provision does not inclusion make’. CSIE

Read more on the CSIE website

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