The Inclusion, Mobility and Multilingual Education Conference

This conference is taking place this week in Bangkok (24-26 September). If you are attending, we draw your attention to a presentation on Wednesday 25th on ‘The Impact of Language Barriers in Education for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh’ which discusses research by Translators without Borders that one of our consultants, Rachel Bowden, was involved in. There are many other exciting topics and initiatives being discussed too.

If you are not attending the event, you can still follow the conference social media pages to see what’s being discussed, add your thoughts to the online discussions, and find out about the post-conference publication. There is also a short pre-conference booklet which introduces key themes and provides some suggested reading on the topic of inclusion, mobility and multi-lingual education.

The conference highlights that human mobility is reaching unprecedented levels due to an increasingly mobile workforce, increased mobility for higher education, and the highest ever levels of involuntary displacement/refugees. In the Asia-Pacific region, challenges of inclusion, social cohesion and peacebuilding are raised, for both mobile populations and stable but linguistically marginalised populations, including issues of access to civic participation, justice, health and information. While more children are in school, many are still not learning, raising fundamental questions about the balance of local, national and global languages in education.

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