**PAST** Teaching for Sustainable Development. Workshops for UK teachers. March & April 2018.

Contact Dr Su Corcoran at Manchester Metropolitan University for more details: su.corcoran@mmu.ac.uk

Workshop theme: Teaching for sustainable development through ethical global issues pedagogy

Workshop dates and venues:

  • Birmingham Centre for Voluntary Action (Digbeth), UK               16th March 2018
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (Hulme), UK                        23rd March 2018
  • Amnesty International, New Inn Yard, London, UK                      27th April 2018

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The workshops will bring UK teachers of Year 10 & 11 students together to share their experiences of teaching global issues and develop supportive networks. Teachers will also learn about and give feedback on an approach the facilitators have developed based on latest research into how to add complexity to teaching global issues. The workshops will inform a resource to support teachers to bring multiple perspectives into the teaching of global ethical issues. The resource will be developed through contributions from teachers in the UK, Sweden, and Finland.

The workshop will be 3-4 hours in length and involve up to 10 teachers. Participants will contribute to the expertise being developed by sharing their experiences of teaching about global issues and reviewing a tool drafted by the researchers for use in secondary classrooms. They will also receive direct input from the researchers and other teachers to support their teaching.

Teachers attending the workshops should bring along one artefact (e.g., an anecdote about something that happened in their classroom, example of an activity they have facilitated, a great resource they have used), and the workshop will begin with sharing of the artefacts. The workshop will then focus on the presentation and active review of a pedagogical tool provided by the researchers to help support teaching. This tool will be published in the resource to be created by the end of the project, so the workshopping with teachers will be extremely important. There will also be opportunities to contribute to the development of a community of practice among teachers from the UK, Finland and Sweden including a shared website for the project where the final resource will be published.

 Refreshments will be provided and cover costs for supply teachers can be claimed if they are required.

Participation is open to UK teachers only.

NOTE: This event is not organised by EENET. Please contact the organisers directly with any queries.