[Report] HerAtlas: Monitoring the right to education for girls and women

Despite important progress in recent decades, the right to education is still far from being a reality for many girls and women.  UNESCO’s interactive tool, Her Atlas, allows users to explore the educational rights of girls and women around the world. With a color-coded scoring system that tracks legal indicators such as constitutions and legislation, the maps make it possible to visually monitor the legal progress toward securing the right to education for women in all countries.

Her Atlas measures the status of national legal frameworks related to girls’ and women’s right to education using 12 indicators. For each country, Her Atlas provides information in a visual and easily understood format.

Based on the information collected and feedback received from States, Her Atlas will be further developed and updated periodically in the lead up to 2030 – the deadline set for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4.

Read the new status report presenting the findings of Her Atlas so far.

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