[Report] Team Europe invests EUR 313 million to improve education for children in crisis

Team Europe, which consists of the European Commission and European Union (EU) Member States, has pledged this month to invest EUR 313 million to the United Nations’ ‘Education Cannot Wait’ fund.  Overall, the EU will invest EUR 3.2 billion during 2021–2027, working in line with  the Transforming Education Summit and Sustainable Development Goal 4.

‘Education Cannot Wait’ (ECW) is a global fund, in 31 countries, to prevent learners from being left behind. It works with partners including governments, donors and civil society and aid organisations to effectively support education in emergencies and crises, such as conflict and natural disasters.

The new investments will help ECW to realise its ambitious Strategic Plan 2023–2026. The Plan includes new priorities, such as responding to climate change, prioritising holistic learning outcomes, and advancing ECW’s commitment to gender equality and disability inclusion.

For more information read the European Commission press release or visit the ECW website.

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