* New * Promoting gender equality in education toolkit

The Gender in Education Network in Asia-Pacific (GENIA) Toolkit was originally designed in 2003 when the Gender in Education Network in Asia Pacific was established. This fifth edition of the GENIA Toolkit, which EENET team members helped to develop, includes 25 tools. It is designed for use by gender focal points and education planners and implementers. It introduces key concepts and theoretical debates, and outlines practical approaches for mainstreaming gender equality throughout the education system, and within education policy.

The toolkit is designed to be used selectively, depending on the user’s needs. It can be used as a self-study tool. Readers can select topics that they have identified as priority learning areas to help them improve their own understanding and practical capacity. The toolkit can also be used by trainers to facilitate training sessions. Trainers can choose tools from the kit that best match the needs of their trainees.

The 25 tools can be downloaded individually. Or you can download the full kit as one document.

Front covers of the GENIA toolkit


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