*NEW posters and leaflets * Supporting inclusive education awareness raising with community members, school leaders, and education managers and decision makers.

EENET worked with World Bank Zambia and the Zambian Ministry of Education Education (as part of a USAID-funded initiative) to develop a series of 3 posters. They contain key messages that you can use when working with stakeholders. The posters are available to download in A4 and A3 sizes from EENET’ website:

We also helped to develop a series of 3 leaflets. The leaflets are designed to be printed double-sided on A4 paper, then folded to A5.

You can download the leaflets from our website:

Leaflet for community members.

Leaflet for school leaders.

Leaflet for education managers.

Snapshot of poster that says School for Everyone at the top, followed by 4 photos of learners of diferent ages, genders, abilities.
Poster for use with community members.


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