New items in EENET’s online library #4 (2021)

The following documents have been added to EENET’s online library in the last month:

Community Help for Inclusive Learning and Development (CHILD): A Study of How Mobile Phones Were Used to Recruit and Equip Community Volunteers to Support Children’s Learning During Covid-19 School Closures in Zimbabwe. (EdTech Hub, 2021)

Gender Norms, Child Marriage and Girls’ Education in West and Central Africa: Assessing the role of education in the prevention and response to child marriage (Save the Children, 2020)

Mainstreaming Inclusive Education: Sharing good practices (Save the Children Sweden, 2019)

Save our Education. Protect every child’s right to learn in the COVID-19 response and recovery. (Save the Children, 2020)

Staying the Course. The Challenges Facing Refugee Education. UNHCR 2021 Refugee Education Report (UNHCR, 2021)

Violence and bullying in educational settings: the experience of children and young people with disabilities (UNESCO, 2021)

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