This A2 poster is available in Arabic, English, Nyanja, Swahili and Tonga.

** UPDATE ** You can now order free printed copies through EENET’s online shop!

The poster is double-sided:

  • Side 1 – fun, colourful illustrations and short messages that remind us about the many different – and valuable – ways that children and young people learn at home and in the community. The focus is on low-stress and low-cost learning.
  • Side 2 – more detailed suggestions for how to support learning at home, without parents, caregivers and families needing resources or teaching and curriculum expertise.

The visual and written messages highlight that learning at home should:

  • Focus on family wellbeing: learning at home should prioritise physical and mental wellbeing for the learner and their family.
  • Focus on different areas of development: learning at home supports social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development, which are essential foundations for the learning we do in school.
  • Avoid high-pressure academic focus: a strong focus on academic learning at home, especially during a crisis, is not appropriate or feasible and is not good for family mental wellbeing.
  • Empower parents to support learning: parents and families can be supported to recognise, value and maximise the opportunities for learning that happen in the home as part of everyday activities.

A follow-up resource is now available. The activity booklet provides a collection of easy-to-use, low or no-cost home learning activities for learners of varied ages and abilities. We are also planning a teacher training module to help teachers more effectively connect learning at home with their inclusive classrooms. Keep an eye on the website for updates!

Download the poster

The poster has been designed for printing on A2 size paper. We recommend that it is printed on minimum A3 size paper to ensure that it remains readable.

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English poster front side
English poster front side
English poster back side
English poster back side