Inclusive Beginnings: EENET’s latest video-based training resource

Have you watched our new videos yet?!

If not, here’s a quick guide to the new resources – what they’re about and where to find them.


We have 2 new videos. Both focus on inclusive early childhood development and education. They help educators learn about:

  • Inclusive practice in early childhood settings
  • Inclusive transition.

Visit the Inclusive Beginnings playlist on EENET’s YouTube channel to watch the 2 complete films and a 2-minute promotional video.

We will soon have subtitles for the videos in 9 languages (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swahili and Ukrainian). Some are available already.


The videos offer useful foundational messages on their own, but if you want to use them for training or advocacy then the manuals provide ideas. The package consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Inclusive practice trainers’ manual
  • Inclusive transition trainers’ manual
  • Guide to using the videos for advocacy.

Download these manuals from EENET’s website in English and Arabic.

Hard copies

If you need to be able to use the videos and manuals offline, we have free hard copies available. Visit EENET’s online shop to order:

  • Printed manuals – all 4 documents are presented in a ring binder;
  • USB flashdrive – this contains the ECDE videos and manuals, plus the videos and manuals from our previous video training project, ‘An Inclusive Day’.

When you use the online shop you will be asked to pay postage costs. If you live and work in a low- or middle-income country you may be eligible for free postage. Email and we’ll help you order without paying postage costs.


We would love to know what you think of the videos and manuals, and how you use and adapt them in your own context. Please email us your feedback, or leave comments on YouTube.

Please feel free to share the videos and manuals with your colleagues and partners.

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