Foundations of Teaching: A training toolkit

Good quality teaching is at the heart of inclusive education. But too often teachers are not given the initial training and ongoing professional development and support they need to be ‘good teachers’, which makes it very difficult for them to become inclusive teachers.

Toolkit cover page. Photo shows female teaher learning over desk writing, with child either side of her

This toolkit from Save the Children, written by EENET team members, provides a selection of workshop sessions to help teachers develop essential skills. These skills will be a foundation onto which more complex and specialist training, such as issues of inclusion and diversity, can be built. These foundational sessions can also be woven into inclusive education training, for instance, if the trainer notices gaps in teachers’ skills and experience or wants to help boost their confidence by strengthening their core skills.

The toolkit is available in its original format: The Foundations of Teaching: Training for educators in core teaching competencies (PDF).

It has also been adapted for use in Tanzania: The Foundations of Tanzanian Teaching: Training for educators in core teaching competencies (PDF).