[EER] First edition of Arabic Enabling Education Review

We are delighted to share the first edition of the Arabic Enabling Education Review!

The publication shares the experiences of 13 education stakeholders from the Arab region who participated in EENET’s Writer Mentoring Project.

The articles cover the following topics, which have all been investigated using action research methods:

  • The Impact of inclusive education on motivating female students to learn Arabic language in Jordan.
  • Enhancing educational practices through action research: towards achieving Inclusive education and socio-emotional learning.
  • Do the curricula, educational programmes, teaching practices, and teaching methods provide enough time for students to develop reading skills.
  • Inclusive access to learning resources through the Kolibri platform in Libya.
  • The impact of play-based learning on improving the performance of learners with learning difficulties and their inclusion in inclusive education settings.
  • The significance of the inclusive classroom environment in achieving inclusivity goals and challenges of implementation.
  • Exploring the potential of the local community to support the learning of students most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan.
  • From an experience in Northeast Syria Camps: implementation of inclusive education and setting the foundations for inclusion.
  • Effectiveness of specialised educational Interventions for kindergarten children with learning difficulties in inclusive education setting.

We look forward to supporting more stakeholders in the region to develop research and writing skills, and to publishing many more editions of the Arabic Enabling Education Review.

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