EER 2019, call for articles. Theme: parents, families and IE

EENET’s next edition of Enabling Education Review will be published in August/September 2019. The theme will be ‘Family and community action for inclusive education’.

We are looking for articles from parents, caregivers and other family or community members about their experiences of promoting and supporting inclusive education.

We also welcome articles about initiatives to encourage or enable parents, caregivers, families and communities to help design, implement and monitor inclusive education.

The full call for articles provides more suggestions for topics to write about, as well as guidance on the length and style of articles. The call for articles is also available in Arabic.

You do not need to be an experienced writer to publish an article in Enabling Education Review. We can provide support and advice throughout the writing and editing process. So if you have interesting experiences to share, but are not sure how to write them up, please contact us and we will help get your story told.

Our deadline for first drafts is 28 February 2019, but don’t worry there will be plenty of time after that to work on revisions if needed.

Remember – you can write your article in English or in your preferred language.



2 thoughts on “EER 2019, call for articles. Theme: parents, families and IE

    1. عزيزتي مروة عبد الفتاح

      أجمل التحيات ونسعد بتواصلك مع شبكة تمكين التعليم EENET.

      نرحب بمشاركتك بمقال لمجلة تمكين التعليم والتي يركز موضوع عددها لهذا العام ٢٠١٩ على ” العائلة و العمل المجتمعي للتعليم الجامع”.

      الرجاء عدم التردد في التواصل معنا اذا كان لديك أية استفسارات.

      على امل الاستماع منك

      كل الشكر،
      ايمن قويدر
      منسق مجتمع اللغة العربية لشبكة تمكين التعليم

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