Covid-19 situation

EENET’s small team around the world has been working hard over the last few weeks. We are all freelance and already work from home, so you should hopefully see no major disruptions to our day-to-day information sharing through the website and social media. If the quantity of new material declines a bit, or we’re a bit slower responding to enquiries, it will be because we have a heavy workload to redesign various projects affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We recognise of course that EENET’s readers’ information and support needs may change, especially now that many millions of children are unable to attend school, so we welcome suggestions for different or additional information we could help to collate and share. Please contact us with ideas, suggestions or questions.

We are engaged in several projects that should have involved facilitating events and trainings. Our biggest cancellation was a study tour to Zambia for partners in the Together for Inclusion (TOFI) programme, which should have been happening this week. The tour was going to showcase Zambia’s experience with the participatory development of teacher training approach. However, we are now designing a virtual study tour instead. This will be available online to TOFI programme stakeholders initially, but we hope that a free public version will be made available later.


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