[Article] Education support for integrated religious schools

With a $100 million grant, GPE has supported integrated religious schools and trained teachers in five states in Nigeria to ensure more children attend and stay in school, particularly girls who are most at risk of missing out on an education.

Unlike regular education funding, the GPE grant was channelled directly to school bank accounts—jointly managed by the headteacher and community representatives through the school management committees—for the procurement of materials in support of improved student retention and learning.

A total of 46,366 pre-primary and primary schools were awarded the NIPEP school grants, of which more than 35% are integrated Islamiyya schools. A further 150 nomadic schools in Sokoto also received grants.

“We really enjoy this support from GPE. Unlike before, children are coming to school every day. No absenteeism!”
AbdulRazaq Hussein, Chairman, School-based Management Committee, Ajawa Primary School, Jigawa.
It is now seven years since this initiative began. Read more about its impact on the GPE webpage.

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