[Advocacy] Read the new blog post ‘Education under attack in Gaza’

Written by EENET’s Arabic/MENA Network Manager, Ayman Qwaider, this blog gives an insight into the horrors of daily life in Gaza and the impact it is having on children, teachers, and education.

‘Gazans are vibrant, educated people with dreams of a better future. The aspirations of generations are under attack now more than ever before. More than 625,000 students and 22,564 teachers in the Gaza Strip have been affected by the assault on education for the last month. Children have no access to education and no safe place to hide. The Ministry of Education in Gaza has cancelled the entire academic year, and 214 schools have so far been damaged due to shelling, with 45 schools entirely out of service. Teachers have been killed in the bombardment.’

Read the full blog post in Arabic, English and French.

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