[Advocacy] Education rights for pregnant pupils and teenage mothers, Mauritius

Experts of the Committee on the Rights of the Child have commended Mauritius on new legislation for children including the rights of pregnant school pupils and teenage mothers.

Aissatou Alassane Sidikou, Committee Expert and Member of the Taskforce for Mauritius, discussed what measures had been taken to ensure respect for Government policies concerning the rights of pregnant school pupils and teenage mothers.

The delegation said pregnant teenage mothers could continue with their schooling and were provided with spaces for breastfeeding.  When these teenagers returned to school, arrangements were made with the Ministry of Education to provide support for the mothers.  Students were encouraged to attend school until delivery time, and an education psychologist was provided upon request.  Non-governmental organizations also worked with the Ministry to address the situation of teenage pregnancies.

Read more about the combined sixth and seventh periodic report of Mauritius on the OHCHR website. 

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