263 million still out of school

The latest data from UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) shows that one-in-five children and young people are out of school around the world – that’s 263 million. The figures range from 63 million being out of school at primary age, 61 million at lower-secondary age, and a shocking 139 million at upper-secondary age. The situation is worst in sub-Saharan Africa, where one-in-three children and young people of school age are not in school. And, not surprisingly, girls are more likely than boys to be out of school. UIS’s data also shows millions of children and young people not achieving basic learning outcomes even when they are in school.

The data suggests that progress has stalled, as the figures have barely changed in the last five years. This picture offers us a clear reminder of why we need to keep working hard to make education more inclusive for all, so that every child and young person is able to access education, participate fully in the learning process, and achieve to the best of their abilities.

The data certainly motivates EENET to continue helping stakeholders exchange experiences and ideas for improving education, collaborate and work together to strengthen education initiatives, and more effectively influence the policy makers and budget holders who need to be taking bolder steps to reform education systems worldwide. Find out how you could help EENET exchange, collaborate and influence for more inclusive education systems globally.