[Webinar] Understanding MHPSS and Situational Analysis in Gaza

Date: 5 March 2024.

Time: 13:00 – 14:30 UTC (GMT).

Location: online.

The webinar is hosted by INEE and is a follow-up to their webinar on the right of education in Gaza. The webinar aims to foster a safe space to hold a conversation around the unprecedented mental health and psychosocial support situation (MHPSS) in Gaza and catalyze efforts to address the mental health and psychosocial needs of the population affected by the war. The complex socio-political situation, compounded by recurrent conflicts and humanitarian crises, has significantly impacted the mental well-being of individuals, especially children and their caregivers. To effectively start to respond to these challenges, a conversation on a situational analysis of the MHPSS landscape is important to initiate by INEE as a global network. The webinar features local voices and representatives from UNRWA, UNICEF, the Education Cluster, Creative Associates International, among others.

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