Understanding the current teacher training context is a useful first step.

Before starting the training programme in each country (first in Zambia, Zanzibar and later in Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique and Ethiopia as part of the TOFI programme) we carried out scoping activities. The TOFI scoping activities were slightly limited by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scoping activities can help us learn more about:

  • the current nature of teaching and learning practices in mainstream schools;
  • the views and experiences of teachers and learners in mainstream schools;
  • the current training programmes available to teachers, both in-service and pre-service;
  • the type of inclusive education training being provided, if any;
  • the opportunities for working collaboratively with local structures, such as working with teacher resource centres, training colleges and district education officials.

Involvement of local trainers and managers in the training is a vital element of the approach to teacher training (see the ‘principal trainers’ section) and thus the scoping activities are an important opportunity to start building relationships to facilitate this involvement.

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This project is a collaboration between NAD and EENET.

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