Short compilation video from EENET and British Council

EENET has compiled a 5-minute video – ‘Is our Teaching Inclusive?’ – for the British Council based on our ‘An Inclusive Day: Building foundations for learner-centred, inclusive education’ video-based teacher training on inclusion.

The edited video was shown at the British Council’s signature event at the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) International Conference in Liverpool in April 2019.

The British Council’s event at the conference was entitled ‘Is English Teaching Inclusive? Do we practise what we preach?’. Videos of many of the sessions from the conference, including the British Council session, are available online.

We also recommend watching the opening session at the IATEFL conference by Paula Rebolledo entitled ‘Teacher empowerment: leaving the twilight zone’. It is a very engaging and powerful analysis of teacher empowerment issues.

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